The Duttons of New England

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Michigan, USA



 : Latitude: 44.3148443, Longitude: -85.60236429999999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Pearl G  Abt 1903Michigan, USA I11488
2 BEALS, Carl C  25 Dec 1885Michigan, USA I8794
3 BEALS, Claude W  11 Nov 1861Michigan, USA I8793
4 BECKWITH, Ida  May 1852Michigan, USA I13576
5 BISHOP, Lora Abby  Abt 1844Michigan, USA I6492
6 BOND, Chauncy Walter  22 Jun 1849Michigan, USA I8795
7 BROCUS, Lucy  07 May 1889Michigan, USA I13595
8 DEAN, Elsie (Eloise) L  Abt. 1904Michigan, USA I9523
9 DEAN, Elsie L  29 Mar 1893Michigan, USA I9520
10 DUTTON, Alice J  29 May 1877Michigan, USA I6849
11 DUTTON, Amelia Maria  19 Dec 1839Michigan, USA I2105
12 DUTTON, Anna  Abt 1863Michigan, USA I6494
13 DUTTON, Augusta  1844Michigan, USA I11255
14 DUTTON, Charles Llewellyn  24 Jul 1887Michigan, USA I4201
15 DUTTON, Daniel  5 Dec 1837Michigan, USA I5823
16 DUTTON, Dolly  19 Nov 1864Michigan, USA I11280
17 DUTTON, Don C  24 Mar 1865Michigan, USA I2117
18 DUTTON, Edith May  Abt 1869Michigan, USA I6197
19 DUTTON, Elmer E  12 May 1859Michigan, USA I8231
20 DUTTON, Frank W  6 Apr 1856Michigan, USA I8230
21 DUTTON, George  1874Michigan, USA I11248
22 DUTTON, Harriet J  Abt 1846Michigan, USA I2113
23 DUTTON, Hazel L  1908Michigan, USA I11313
24 DUTTON, Helen  1906Michigan, USA I9815
25 DUTTON, Helen L  1914Michigan, USA P14404
26 DUTTON, Howard  1854Michigan, USA I11258
27 DUTTON, James Carlos  12 Dec 1842Michigan, USA I6063
28 DUTTON, John  1848Michigan, USA I11256
29 DUTTON, Lee Claire  25 Apr 1905Michigan, USA I2260
30 DUTTON, Leonard  30 Jul 1839Michigan, USA I5824
31 DUTTON, Libbie B  1885Michigan, USA I11252
32 DUTTON, Loretta  Abt 1938Michigan, USA I8711
33 DUTTON, Louis Ceril  21 Aug 1898Michigan, USA I6514
34 DUTTON, Mary Elizabeth  1861Michigan, USA I13579
35 DUTTON, Ophelia  1853Michigan, USA I11335
36 DUTTON, Philip  Abt 1936Michigan, USA I8710
37 DUTTON, Rose Irene  1905Michigan, USA I11312
38 DUTTON, Victoria  1852Michigan, USA I11257
39 DUTTON, William B  1883Michigan, USA I11251
40 DUTTON, William Cyrus  19 Nov 1857Michigan, USA I2115
41 DUTTON, William H  1906Michigan, USA I9715
42 DUTTON, William James Molton  10 Sep 1845Michigan, USA I2106
43 EGAN, David R  Jul 1899Michigan, USA I1647
44 EGAN, George B  Jun 1891Michigan, USA I1645
45 EGAN, Patrick B  Jul 1896Michigan, USA I1646
46 ELWELL, Mary Jane  Jul 1853Michigan, USA I6510
47 FOSTER, John J  Oct 1871Michigan, USA I11261
48 GENNEROK, William  Abt 1911Michigan, USA I10386
49 GOTT, Arvilla Sara  Jan 1884Michigan, USA P84
50 GOTT, Mattie  1877Michigan, USA P82

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BISSETT, Emma J  1958Michigan, USA I5820
2 DUTTON, David  26 May 1867Michigan, USA I1578
3 DUTTON, James Harvey  22 Nov 1838Michigan, USA I2093
4 DUTTON, James Russell  27 Nov 1858Michigan, USA I5814
5 DUTTON, Joseph Harrison  1874Michigan, USA I5807
6 HINSDALE, Mary  5 Jan 1882Michigan, USA I6666
7 HINSDALE, Tryphena  1888Michigan, USA I6662
8 MCNEILL, Mary Helen  17 Aug 1919Michigan, USA I6669
9 MORSE, Stella Rose  1985Michigan, USA I37
10 NOLES, Robert Curtis  3 Feb 1976Michigan, USA P775
11 ROCKWELL, Rhoda  Sep 1833Michigan, USA I6716
12 SAID, Mary Catherine  Michigan, USA I3480


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BROCUS, Lucy  05 Sep 1914Michigan, USA I13595
2 DUTTON, Henry Post  05 Sep 1914Michigan, USA I4200


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DUTTON / Rogers  23 Jul 1876Michigan, USA F2228
2 Hanson / DUTTON  12 Oct 1901Michigan, USA F2314
3 Richardson / Clark  21 Dec 1839Michigan, USA F4855
4 Shoemaker / DUTTON  Abt 1877Michigan, USA F1721

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