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Pennsylvania, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 41.2033216, Longitude: -77.19452469999999


State/Province : Latitude: 41.2033216, Longitude: -77.19452469999999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  1862Pennsylvania, USA I6222
2 BARR, Capt George W F  8 Mar 1836Pennsylvania, USA I5232
3 BEELER, Amanda  Mar 1851Pennsylvania, USA I9073
4 BEELER, Anna L  1853Pennsylvania, USA I12009
5 BEELER, Jacob W  1846Pennsylvania, USA I12006
6 BEELER, John W  1845Pennsylvania, USA I12005
7 BEELER, Margaret E  1849Pennsylvania, USA I12008
8 BEELER, Mary M  1848Pennsylvania, USA I12007
9 BEELER, Peter M  1855Pennsylvania, USA I12010
10 BLOOMINGTON, Frederick J  07 Dec 1823Pennsylvania, USA I9044
11 CHEYNEY, Dawn Rawn  01 Jun 1809Pennsylvania, USA I11647
12 COPP, John L  Abt 1853Pennsylvania, USA I3022
13 CORNELLA, Rodolfo Kassan  19 Apr 1895Pennsylvania, USA I12297
14 COVERT, William O  1854Pennsylvania, USA I11517
15 DUNSMORE, Roland W  1889Pennsylvania, USA I1149
16 DUNSMORE, Willis Rowland  01 Aug 1887Pennsylvania, USA P14147
17 DUTTON, Abner Isaac  1803Pennsylvania, USA I13958
18 DUTTON, Albert  1856Pennsylvania, USA I5875
19 DUTTON, Archer  1897Pennsylvania, USA I13610
20 DUTTON, Asahel  1807Pennsylvania, USA I5411
21 DUTTON, Bertha I  31 Dec 1850Pennsylvania, USA P14306
22 DUTTON, Beulah May  01 Sep 1895Pennsylvania, USA I13609
23 DUTTON, Clarrissa  1839Pennsylvania, USA P14511
24 DUTTON, Edgar Ezra  Oct 1870Pennsylvania, USA I9827
25 DUTTON, Effa  1849Pennsylvania, USA P14516
26 DUTTON, Elizabeth  1785Pennsylvania, USA I9026
27 DUTTON, Emma  1849Pennsylvania, USA P14515
28 DUTTON, Eugene Johnson  23 Feb 1860Pennsylvania, USA I11664
29 DUTTON, Frank I  1863Pennsylvania, USA I11684
30 DUTTON, George  1859Pennsylvania, USA I5876
31 DUTTON, Grace E  07 Dec 1884Pennsylvania, USA I11733
32 DUTTON, Helen Maria  02 Jan 1891Pennsylvania, USA I2343
33 DUTTON, Henrietta  1846Pennsylvania, USA I11738
34 DUTTON, Henry  1843Pennsylvania, USA P14513
35 DUTTON, Henry H  1842Pennsylvania, USA I11736
36 DUTTON, Hiram E  Abt 1837Pennsylvania, USA I5883
37 DUTTON, Ira  1841Pennsylvania, USA P14512
38 DUTTON, Isaac  1750Pennsylvania, USA I11642
39 DUTTON, Isaac  Abt 1783Pennsylvania, USA I11651
40 DUTTON, James Franklin  1801Pennsylvania, USA I13957
41 DUTTON, John E  1848Pennsylvania, USA I11739
42 DUTTON, John F  Abt 1839Pennsylvania, USA I5884
43 DUTTON, Jonathan  1837Pennsylvania, USA P14510
44 DUTTON, Joseph  Aug 1763Pennsylvania, USA I9019
45 DUTTON, Lillie  1855Pennsylvania, USA I11798
46 DUTTON, Mary E  1844Pennsylvania, USA I11737
47 DUTTON, Mary Edna  1892Pennsylvania, USA I11735
48 DUTTON, May Marina  Abt 1821Pennsylvania, USA I5874
49 DUTTON, Morris A  1850Pennsylvania, USA I11740
50 DUTTON, Richard  8 Mar 1844Pennsylvania, USA I5896

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANNA MARIA, Johnson  Pennsylvania, USA I11662
2 DUTTON, Calvin Skinner  29 Jan 1863Pennsylvania, USA I2304
3 DUTTON, Isaac  31 Mar 1795Pennsylvania, USA I11642
4 DUTTON, Isaac Pennell  1880Pennsylvania, USA I11655
5 DUTTON, Jacob  16 Aug 1749Pennsylvania, USA I9018
6 DUTTON, John  01 Jan 1796Pennsylvania, USA I11637
7 DUTTON, Prudence  21 Jul 1809Pennsylvania, USA I11645
8 PRICE, Susan  Pennsylvania, USA I11652
9 WEED, Pheby  Abt 1848Pennsylvania, USA I10474


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DUTTON, Thomas J  Jul 1863Pennsylvania, USA I2372


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dutton / Anna Maria  23 Sep 1841Pennsylvania, USA F3577
2 Dutton / Lamplugh  1771Pennsylvania, USA F3572
3 Dutton / Price  26 Nov 1803Pennsylvania, USA F3575

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