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Kansas, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 39.0119020, Longitude: -98.4842465


State/Province : Latitude: 39.011902, Longitude: -98.48424649999998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret M  1888Kansas, USA I11418
2 ARTZ, Margrette  1918Kansas, USA I11781
3 ARTZ, Marjie E  1918Kansas, USA I11782
4 ARTZ, Ralph  1920Kansas, USA I11783
5 CARTER, Kenneth Guy  Kansas, USA I11471
6 COCKRELL, Emma Jane  Dec 1859Kansas, USA I6080
7 CURRAN, Claude E  Nov 1873Kansas, USA I13879
8 DONNELLY, Myrtle Irene  29 Sep 1919Kansas, USA I9120
9 DUTTON, Ada  1892Kansas, USA I11372
10 DUTTON, Albert Livington  29 Dec 1848Kansas, USA I4324
11 DUTTON, Allen  1898Kansas, USA I9093
12 DUTTON, Anna  Abt 1870Kansas, USA I11382
13 DUTTON, Arlene May  1932Kansas, USA I13518
14 DUTTON, Banet  1884Kansas, USA I9086
15 DUTTON, Benjamin H  1901Kansas, USA I11946
16 DUTTON, Bernice  May 1882Kansas, USA I9085
17 DUTTON, Billy Joe  1938Kansas, USA I12093
18 DUTTON, Caroline E  1866Kansas, USA I11942
19 DUTTON, Carrol  1906Kansas, USA I11948
20 DUTTON, Clarence W  24 Feb 1896Kansas, USA I9087
21 DUTTON, Daniel Livingston  12 Apr 1871Kansas, USA I4332
22 DUTTON, David L  1909Kansas, USA I11949
23 DUTTON, Dora A  1899Kansas, USA I11945
24 DUTTON, Eddie  Feb 1889Kansas, USA I13503
25 DUTTON, Edward Loraine  1935Kansas, USA I12091
26 DUTTON, Ella  Abt 1879Kansas, USA I11394
27 DUTTON, Ernest  1914Kansas, USA I4522
28 DUTTON, George O  1899Kansas, USA I13585
29 DUTTON, Harry Morgan  15 May 1873Kansas, USA I11383
30 DUTTON, Howard  1904Kansas, USA I11947
31 DUTTON, Howard Seth  Sep 1886Kansas, USA I9088
32 DUTTON, Inez  Nov 1880Kansas, USA I9083
33 DUTTON, James Howland  2 Jul 1863Kansas, USA I4331
34 DUTTON, John Ray  1936Kansas, USA I12092
35 DUTTON, Leonard Robert  1934Kansas, USA I13519
36 DUTTON, Lorren A  1897Kansas, USA I11944
37 DUTTON, Mabel C  1895Kansas, USA I11943
38 DUTTON, Mabel Junieth  19 Jun 1889Kansas, USA I13584
39 DUTTON, Margaret  1914Kansas, USA I12064
40 DUTTON, Margrett  Mar 1895Kansas, USA I13506
41 DUTTON, Mary Cornelia  25 Dec 1854Kansas, USA I4329
42 DUTTON, Myrtle C  1904Kansas, USA I13580
43 DUTTON, Pearl Dovie  30 Sep 1889Kansas, USA I11772
44 DUTTON, Rachel Ellen  1889Kansas, USA I12063
45 DUTTON, Ralph  20 Feb 1881Kansas, USA I9084
46 DUTTON, Russell C  07 Oct 1867Kansas, USA I6200
47 DUTTON, Walter  1915Kansas, USA I12065
48 DUTTON, Willard E  Abt 1877Kansas, USA I11393
49 FELDHAUSEN, Eunice Margaret  26 May 1918Kansas, USA I12094
50 HANSON, Clara A  19 Sep 1902Kansas, USA I7128

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CARTER, David Raymond  Jul 1968Kansas, USA I11470
2 CURRAN, Claude E  Jun 1941Kansas, USA I13879
3 DUTTON, Ira Sylvester  1959Kansas, USA I11371
4 DUTTON, Julia A  5 Jan 1888Kansas, USA I7112
5 DUTTON, Marvin  11 Apr 1872Kansas, USA I2841
6 DUTTON, Mary  23 Apr 1963Kansas, USA I7123
7 JENKINS, Alford Lavern  04 Apr 2009Kansas, USA I8827
8 STOVALL, May Susan  30 Sep 1991Kansas, USA I4532


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dutton / Cannon  1918Kansas, USA F1519

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