The Duttons of New England

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Indiana, USA



 : Latitude: 40.2671941, Longitude: -86.1349019


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Caroline  1830Indiana, USA I10641
2 Minnie  1872Indiana, USA I12191
3 BERRY, Lawrence  13 Apr 1892Indiana, USA I5177
4 BERRY, Leala  Nov 1889Indiana, USA I5172
5 BERRY, Norah  Mar 1894Indiana, USA I5178
6 BERRY, Rexford  Jun 1883Indiana, USA I5169
7 BERRY, Ruby  Mar 1887Indiana, USA I5171
8 BRANN, Ada K  1901Indiana, USA I12447
9 DUTTON, Alfred  Abt 1877Indiana, USA I11230
10 DUTTON, Alma  Nov 1854Indiana, USA I4499
11 DUTTON, Byron H  02 Jan 1855Indiana, USA I7559
12 DUTTON, Chauncy  1857Indiana, USA I13222
13 DUTTON, Cora Hazel  12 Jul 1891Indiana, USA I7514
14 DUTTON, Edward  1851Indiana, USA I10642
15 DUTTON, Elen  1903Indiana, USA I9500
16 DUTTON, George A  16 Aug 1850Indiana, USA I7557
17 DUTTON, George F  Abt 1861Indiana, USA I13221
18 DUTTON, Isabella M  Abt 1854Indiana, USA I9225
19 DUTTON, James  1859Indiana, USA I7561
20 DUTTON, James  1863Indiana, USA I10644
21 DUTTON, Lillian H  Apr 1859Indiana, USA I9227
22 DUTTON, Lilly  1861Indiana, USA I7562
23 DUTTON, Lulu P  1876Indiana, USA I11249
24 DUTTON, Lydia C  Abt 1845Indiana, USA I9222
25 DUTTON, Martha  1859Indiana, USA I13223
26 DUTTON, Mary  1855Indiana, USA I10643
27 DUTTON, Otis M  1857Indiana, USA I7560
28 DUTTON, Rebecca Ann  Apr 1843Indiana, USA I9221
29 DUTTON, Roy Trible  4 Mar 1901Indiana, USA I7516
30 DUTTON, Russell J  04 Nov 1910Indiana, USA I11307
31 DUTTON, Sue Ellen  Abt 1847Indiana, USA I9223
32 DUTTON, Walter  Abt 1874Indiana, USA I11237
33 FISHER, Jacob L  Abt 1890Indiana, USA I10395
34 FISHER, Madge D  1921Indiana, USA I10397
35 HAWKINS, Bertha M  1885Indiana, USA I9089
36 HEDGEPATH, Talitha  1855Indiana, USA I10048
37 HENDERSON, John Francis  1872Indiana, USA I8886
38 JONES, Samuel  1842Indiana, USA I8708
39 KENDALL, Tubal C  25 Jan 1842Indiana, USA I8838
40 KING, Mary Edith  11 Febr 1866Indiana, USA I11395
41 MCDONALD, Mary Ann  23 Nov 1825Indiana, USA I3016
42 MERRILL, Arthur O  1876Indiana, USA I13690
43 MERRILL, Charles  15 Mar 1850Indiana, USA I13689
44 MILLER, Catherine D  16 Jul 1905Indiana, USA I7460
45 SHAFFER, William Sepheres  07 Sep 1879Indiana, USA I12135
46 SMITH, Bertha E  1905Indiana, USA I11302
47 SMITH, Beulah F  1901Indiana, USA I11301
48 SMITH, Iva L  Mar 1894Indiana, USA I11299
49 TRIBLE, George B  17 Jan 1830Indiana, USA I7533
50 WALKER, Enos Walter  Sep 1885Indiana, USA I11264

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BERRY, Albert  1895Indiana, USA I5167
2 COOK, Pamela  18 Sep 1822Indiana, USA I1848
3 DUTTON, Ephraim K  1943Indiana, USA I7512
4 DUTTON, Loren  1 Sep 1861Indiana, USA I2317
5 HARTWELL, William Ephraim  18 Sep 1875Indiana, USA P729


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 SPAULDING, Eunice  Indiana, USA I1616


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DUTTON / Scholl  16 Mar 1929Indiana, USA F4643
2 McFarland / DUTTON  12 Aug 1950Indiana, USA F4646

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