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Illinois, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 40.6331249, Longitude: -89.39852830000001


State/Province : Latitude: 40.6331249, Longitude: -89.3985283


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AYERS, Jane Margaret  May 1873Illinois, USA I6232
2 B, Esther  1900Illinois, USA I12197
3 BLACK, Alina E  1870Illinois, USA I12348
4 BLACK, David E  1884Illinois, USA I12353
5 BLACK, David M  1842Illinois, USA I12362
6 BLACK, David M  1843Illinois, USA I12358
7 BLACK, Earnest W  1889Illinois, USA I12354
8 BLACK, Elizabeth  1839Illinois, USA I12357
9 BLACK, Elizabeth  1839Illinois, USA I12361
10 BLACK, Isaac M  1845Illinois, USA I12359
11 BLACK, Isaac M  1845Illinois, USA I12363
12 BLACK, Isabelle  1881Illinois, USA I12352
13 BLACK, James  1854Illinois, USA I12366
14 BLACK, James  1876Illinois, USA I12351
15 BLACK, John  1852Illinois, USA I12365
16 BLACK, Samuel  1857Illinois, USA I12367
17 BLACK, William M  1847Illinois, USA I12360
18 BLACK, William M  1847Illinois, USA I12364
19 BODIE, Glenn Leslie  10 Jul 1894Illinois, USA I13353
20 BODIE, Louis L  Jan 1863Illinois, USA I13352
21 BRANN, Joseph Escal  22 Jan 1897Illinois, USA I12444
22 BRANN, Joseph Sherman  27 Sep 1865Illinois, USA I12443
23 CAMPBELL, Charles Edward  Abt 1866Illinois, USA I13348
24 CLANTON, Clara May  1924Illinois, USA I12465
25 CLANTON, Joseph L  1934Illinois, USA I12476
26 CLANTON, William A  1932Illinois, USA I12475
27 COLVIN, Minerva Frances  1 Jan 1867Illinois, USA I2257
28 CONRAD, Walter W  19 Oct 1926Illinois, USA I11698
29 CRAIG, Mary Martha  06 Dec 1877Illinois, USA I9321
30 CRUNK, William Daniel  18 Jul 1926Illinois, USA I12214
31 DANIELS, Alice  Jan 1892Illinois, USA I9962
32 DANIELS, Cecil  Apr 1894Illinois, USA I9963
33 DANIELS, James  Nov 1896Illinois, USA I9964
34 DANIELS, Martha  Jul 1889Illinois, USA I9960
35 DANIELS, Robert  Dec 1890Illinois, USA I9961
36 DANIELS, Willis  Nov 1856Illinois, USA I9959
37 DITSWORTH, Adam Edward  20 Oct 1872Illinois, USA I13335
38 DONOVAN, Ida  Abt 1890Illinois, USA I11267
39 DONOVAN, Lillian A  1883Illinois, USA I2097
40 DUBE, Rose  1891Illinois, USA I10531
41 DUNHAM, Elida M  1848Illinois, USA I13624
42 DUNN, Evelyn  Abt 1904Illinois, USA I11271
43 DUNN, Josephine  Jan 1864Illinois, USA I12195
44 DURFEE, Abbie  Abt 1879Illinois, USA I10328
45 DUTTON, Alma  25 Apr 1818Illinois, USA I5417
46 DUTTON, Alma L  Jun 1833Illinois, USA I12143
47 DUTTON, Asa Melvin  30 Aug 1850Illinois, USA I2288
48 DUTTON, Charles Randolph  14 Oct 1876Illinois, USA I12392
49 DUTTON, Clara Etta  09 Mar 1870Illinois, USA I12386
50 DUTTON, Commodore  1862Illinois, USA I7511

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BERRY, Lawrence  05 Jul 1941Illinois, USA I5177
2 CHAMBERLAIN, Elvira  2 May 1891Illinois, USA I457
3 CLANTON, Clara May  Illinois, USA I12465
4 COOK, Amelia  Between 1870 and 1880Illinois, USA I1851
5 DEGEETER, William  Jul 1966Illinois, USA I12616
6 DONOVAN, Lillian A  Illinois, USA I2097
7 DUTTON, Abner Isaac  1887Illinois, USA I13958
8 DUTTON, Clara Etta  01 Jul 1959Illinois, USA I12386
9 DUTTON, David U  1956Illinois, USA I12196
10 DUTTON, Lessie Edna  31 Mar 1973Illinois, USA I4327
11 DUTTON, Marcelus Sylvester  24 May 1948Illinois, USA I9243
12 DUTTON, Mary Melissa  06 Aug 1932Illinois, USA I9231
13 DUTTON, Nancy J  Aft 1900Illinois, USA I12158
14 DUTTON, Samuel  01 Apr 1835Illinois, USA I2847
15 DUTTON, William J  28 Aug 1904Illinois, USA I12156
16 HARMON, Glen Oren  12 Mar 1917Illinois, USA I12395
17 HOLT, King  Illinois, USA I652
18 HUSTED, Garnet  04 Sep 1991Illinois, USA I12910
19 MCPHERSON, Margaret Ann  23 May 1888Illinois, USA I12157
20 MILES, Eloise D  18 Mar 1870Illinois, USA I6704
21 O'REAR, Woodrow Wilson  2 May 1976Illinois, USA I1701
22 OWEN, Mable E  1953Illinois, USA I13389
23 PITTS, Warren J  Illinois, USA I12164
24 PROCTOR, Cora A (Ball)  1949Illinois, USA I2031


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 DUTTON, Charles Adley  2 May 1848Illinois, USA I4448


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Buell / Pryer  Jan 1854Illinois, USA F3470
2 Clanton / DUTTON  23 Jul 1922Illinois, USA F3809
3 Dutton / Fisk  04 Jun 1924Illinois, USA F2774
4 DUTTON / Stark  7 Nov 1860Illinois, USA F1290
5 O'Rear / Little  1897Illinois, USA F2980
6 Thompson / DUTTON  05 Jun 1861Illinois, USA F4203

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