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California, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 36.778261, Longitude: -119.41793239999998


State/Province : Latitude: 36.778261, Longitude: -119.41793239999998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Eugene Lawrence  3 Aug 1897California, USA I473
2 BRANN, Jane E  1924California, USA I12448
3 BRANN, Joan K  1926California, USA I12449
4 COVERT, Benjamin B  1894California, USA I11518
5 COVERT, Blanche E  1911California, USA I11519
6 DAVIS, Charles  California, USA P14603
7 DONINI, Sybil Lillian  28 Feb 1879California, USA I3769
8 DUTTON, Ada Bell  1 Feb 1869California, USA I8260
9 DUTTON, Charles R  1933California, USA P14405
10 DUTTON, Emma Jane  29 Aug 1864California, USA I8258
11 DUTTON, Glenn Horace  20 Dec 1926California, USA P14737
12 DUTTON, Harold Gail  16 Nov 1904California, USA I6165
13 DUTTON, Maxine L  1917California, USA I13598
14 DUTTON, Mycroft Edward  09 Jan 1971California, USA I13045
15 GHIRARDELLI, Louis  California, USA P14375
16 GHIRARDELLI, Louis L  27 Nov 1886California, USA P14374
17 HUNTLEY, Benjamin Franklin  21 Nov 1877California, USA I8604
18 HUNTLEY, Garfield  6 Jun 1884California, USA I8607
19 HUNTLEY, George S  Abt 1873California, USA I8602
20 HUNTLEY, Mabel Emily  11 Oct 1878California, USA I8605
21 KIRBEY, Phoebe P  19 Oct 1871California, USA I11886
22 MELLON, Raymond F  Feb 1888California, USA I8594
23 MELLON, Ronald A  18 Dec 1890California, USA I8595
24 ROMAN, Antoinette  Apr 1865California, USA P14359


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Eleanor May  9 Jul 1982California, USA I7389
2 DUTTON, Andrew  California, USA I4282
3 DUTTON, Ann  California, USA I4560
4 DUTTON, Cecil Carlyle  1989California, USA I7382
5 DUTTON, Delon E  23 Nov 1932California, USA I8584
6 DUTTON, Emma  California, USA I2099
7 DUTTON, Milton  9 Dec 1851California, USA I2089
8 DUTTON, Orrin Judd  20 Jul 1962California, USA I3796
9 DUTTON, Warren Roman Jr  01 Nov 1991California, USA P14378
10 EGGLESTON, George Harry  Jan 1963California, USA P14146
11 EGGLESTON, Harry  Jan 1963California, USA I1152
12 FREEMAN, Marildia Jane  California, USA I10073
13 HARTLEY, Rhoda Jane  11 Dec 1954California, USA I9437
14 STEVENSON, Arthur Allen  California, USA I9320
15 WATERS, Ellen Barbara  08 Jul 1972California, USA P14199


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Huntley / Dutton  1870California, USA F2637

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