The Duttons of New England

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Alabama, USA


 : Latitude: 32.3182314, Longitude: -86.902298


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEVILL, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1942Alabama, USA I9916
2 BEVILL, Herman Travis  14 Nov 1914Alabama, USA I9925
3 BLACKWELL, William Fratous  20 May 1879Alabama, USA P1045
4 BURTON, Robert Henry  14 Dec 1870Alabama, USA I9937
5 CRAIG, Joseph William  Abt 1881Alabama, USA I10108
6 CRAIG, Robert O'Rear  1925Alabama, USA I10110
7 DELOACH, Mary Murline  19 Jun 1918Alabama, USA I10096
8 DEVOURS  Abt 1906Alabama, USA I8752
9 DUCK, Sarah Elizabeth  3 Aug 1862Alabama, USA I7770
10 FIKE, Sgt William Pinkney  6 Feb 1821Alabama, USA I7788
11 GILBREATH, Elsie Virginia  19 Apr 1919Alabama, USA P776
12 GUNTER, Gladys  22 Aug 1903Alabama, USA P1154
13 GUNTER, Infant  27 May 1909Alabama, USA P1156
14 GUNTER, Paul  6 Sep 1890Alabama, USA P1142
15 GUNTER, Samuel  5 Apr 1885Alabama, USA P1141
16 GUTHRIE, Francis  Oct 1845Alabama, USA P795
17 HAMILTON, Frances A  7 Apr 1858Alabama, USA I7897
18 HAMILTON, Thomas  Abt 1857Alabama, USA I7896
19 HAMILTON, William Harvey  26 Oct 1813Alabama, USA I7885
20 HENSON, Allie  Abt 1909Alabama, USA I8739
21 INMAN, Alexander David  1839Alabama, USA I7690
22 INMAN, Elijah M  Feb 1853Alabama, USA I7694
23 INMAN, Frances L  1857Alabama, USA I9887
24 JACKSON, Landy  Abt 1907Alabama, USA P813
25 KILGORE, George Washington  17 Apr 1887Alabama, USA P1085
26 KILGORE, Lucille  1921Alabama, USA I9933
27 KILGORE, Robert Grady Jr  16 Jan 1914Alabama, USA I9934
28 KING, Rufus Geoffrey  22 Jun 1888Alabama, USA I7834
29 KINNEY, Mary Ann  1833Alabama, USA P412
30 LAWSON, Bertha  31 Aug 1890Alabama, USA P1055
31 LAWSON, Patrick  Abt 1823Alabama, USA I9862
32 LAY, Henderson  Abt 1910Alabama, USA I8756
33 MILLER, Jerry Marcus  1870Alabama, USA P973
34 MOORE, Mahala  1820Alabama, USA I7680
35 MULLINS, Frances E  1883Alabama, USA I9917
36 NESMITH, Emily Jane  May 1847Alabama, USA I9884
37 NESMITH, Martin  13 Aug 1843Alabama, USA I9882
38 NESMITH, Melinda  1844Alabama, USA I9883
39 NESMITH, Travis  1834Alabama, USA I9879
40 NORVELL, Clara Davis  9 May 1889Alabama, USA P1063
41 O'MARY, Luther Grant  1 Dec 1894Alabama, USA P772
42 O'REAR, Alabama Louise  1877Alabama, USA P974
43 O'REAR, Arvilla G  Jan 1885Alabama, USA I8742
44 O'REAR, Athela B  1900Alabama, USA P1177
45 O'REAR, Barnabus Marion  06 May 1866Alabama, USA I9895
46 O'REAR, Belton M  20 Oct 1898Alabama, USA I10705
47 O'REAR, Carl Wayne  02 Apr 1929Alabama, USA I9183
48 O'REAR, Caroline  1835Alabama, USA I7704
49 O'REAR, Curtis  1904Alabama, USA I9919
50 O'REAR, Ethel C  Aug 1895Alabama, USA I8746

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DUNAHOO, Sarah Ann  Mar 10 1982Alabama, USA I8747
2 DUTTON, Della Mae  13 Feb 1929Alabama, USA P771
3 DUTTON, Martha Zula  19 Jan 1966Alabama, USA P770
4 GUNTER, Infant  27 May 1909Alabama, USA P1156
5 GUNTER, James Richard  25 Aug 1914Alabama, USA P1137
6 IVEY, Dova  Aug 23 1903Alabama, USA I9890
7 NORVELL, Clara Davis  25 May 1988Alabama, USA P1063
8 O'MARY, Versie Irene  10 Sep 1939Alabama, USA P782
9 O'REAR, Daniel  Aft 1880Alabama, USA I7679
10 O'REAR, James Albert Jr  23 Mar 1957Alabama, USA I8750
11 O'REAR, Mamie  5 Oct 1992Alabama, USA P1171
12 O'REAR, Marie  13 Feb 1899Alabama, USA I10707
13 O'REAR, Martha Ellen  14 Sep 1948Alabama, USA I7667
14 OREAR, Albert Henry  13 Feb 1947Alabama, USA I7666
15 OREAR, John H  Aft 1878Alabama, USA I7663
16 OREAR, Lillie Mae  21 Jun 1952Alabama, USA P14202
17 OREAR, William Byrd  23 Feb 1923Alabama, USA I7664
18 POE, Thomas W  1953Alabama, USA P1139
19 ROLLINS, Charles Wesley  11 Jan 1996Alabama, USA P1173
20 ROLLINS, Wesley Hayes  14 Sep 1962Alabama, USA P1172
21 STEPHENSON, Alexander Sr  14 Jun 1890Alabama, USA I9860


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 O'REAR, Martin  Aft 8 May 1956Alabama, USA I7685


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 OREAR, Simeon Arcaster  Alabama, USA I1586


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 O'Rear / Williams  1864Alabama, USA F2963

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