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New York, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 40.7143528, Longitude: -74.0059731


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 YOUNGS, Agnes L  May 1862New York, USA I11234
2 ABBOTT, Elizabeth  2 Feb 1861New York, USA I7857
3 ALDEN, Clara  Abt 1868New York, USA I10444
4 ALDEN, Eva R  Jul 1880New York, USA I10449
5 ALDEN, Florence M  Jun 1879New York, USA I10448
6 ALDEN, Grace  Mar 1876New York, USA I10447
7 ALDEN, Hattie  1863New York, USA I10442
8 ALDEN, J. Chloe  Abt 1859New York, USA I10452
9 ALDEN, Laura  04 Apr 1858New York, USA I10440
10 ALDEN, Ray E  Apr 1885New York, USA I10450
11 ALDEN, Roy W  Abt 1885New York, USA I10451
12 ALDEN, Sheridan  Mar 1867New York, USA I10443
13 ALDEN, William Edwin  03 Mar 1854New York, USA I10438
14 BARNES, Polly  Abt 1809New York, USA I6504
15 BARTON, Rufus  19 May 1812New York, USA I4443
16 BECKER, Mathis  Abt 1856New York, USA I11602
17 BENJAMIN, Eliza  10 Sep 1845New York, USA I2107
18 BLACK, Joanna  1816New York, USA I12356
19 BODALY, Herbert  1879New York, USA I11807
20 BODALY, Milton  1855New York, USA I11806
21 BOGART, Clara Dean  Dec 1886New York, USA I10859
22 BOGART, Dana  1885New York, USA I10858
23 BOGART, Edith Estelle  13 Aug 1876New York, USA I10856
24 BOGART, John Dutton  03 Mar 1879New York, USA I10857
25 BOWDISH, Judith A  12 Nov 1840New York, USA I9831
26 BROOKS, Mary  May 1831New York, USA I4617
27 BROTHERTON, Ida May  1863New York, USA I4216
28 BROTHERTON, William H  1836New York, USA I6270
29 BURR, Alzina  1 Mar 1871New York, USA I4252
30 CEPERLY, Mary  18 Jan 1825New York, USA I5182
31 CHANDLER, Sarahette Foster  28 Jul 1827New York, USA I8570
32 CHAPMAN, Jeremiah  22 Jul 1823New York, USA I4498
33 CHAPMAN, Lydia Matilda  19 Jan 1822New York, USA I4460
34 CONKLIN, Hattie E  Feb 1860New York, USA I12257
35 DALEY, Mary A  22 Feb 1860New York, USA I11076
36 DARRAH, George Warden  1876New York, USA I5384
37 DAVIS, Estella R  Abt 1854New York, USA I4193
38 DRAKE, Edward Albert Sr  20 Jun 1856New York, USA I4483
39 DUTTON, Abbie Irene  17 Aug 1853New York, USA I3780
40 DUTTON, Albert Henry  1851New York, USA I2922
41 DUTTON, Algernon Sidney  14 Feb 1830New York, USA I5109
42 DUTTON, Alice Amelia  1852New York, USA I5429
43 DUTTON, Amelia Clara  1893New York, USA I11060
44 DUTTON, Annie L  May 1884New York, USA I4218
45 DUTTON, Ansel  1828New York, USA I4612
46 DUTTON, Arthur Frederick  Oct 1880New York, USA I4253
47 DUTTON, Asa Albert  27 Feb 1884New York, USA I3890
48 DUTTON, Augusta  10 Feb 1818New York, USA I10337
49 DUTTON, Bessie  Nov 1884New York, USA I13760
50 DUTTON, Buchanan  1858New York, USA I11578

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEARDSLEY, Mary E  04 Aug 1922New York, USA I13697
2 BOGART, John B  16 Nov 1921New York, USA I10843
3 DARRAH, Gilbert W  17 Feb 2005New York, USA I5381
4 DUTTON, Anna Maria  09 Aug 1869New York, USA I10341
5 DUTTON, Ira  24 Jan 1866New York, USA I6110
6 DUTTON, John  Dec 1776New York, USA I1724
7 DUTTON, Mervil S  19 Jan 1938New York, USA I11802
8 DUTTON, Rena Amelia  12 Mar 1881New York, USA I3888
9 DUTTON, Salmon Bixby  30 Jul 1890New York, USA I6727
10 FRENCH, Wayne Martin  23 Jan 1953New York, USA I1312
11 GRANT, Charles Dexter  12 May 1957New York, USA I6007
12 HODGMAN, Anna  1826New York, USA I423
13 HUSTED, Lewis Milton  1892New York, USA I10455
14 MILLER, William H  25 Feb 1882New York, USA I13444
15 ROCKWELL, Hubbard  1861New York, USA I6701
16 WOODRUFF, Floyd L  1934New York, USA I13643
17 WOODRUFF, Fred Fuller  20 Apr 1924New York, USA I13633


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Abbott / Blackman  Abt 1795New York, USA F1502
2 Dutton /   Abt 1902New York, USA F2801
3 DUTTON / Dutton  27 Jan 1819New York, USA F622
4 DUTTON / Whitbeck  12 Jan 1929New York, USA F1337
5 DUTTON / Willsey  27 May 1927New York, USA F1330
6 Lawrence / Sweet  18 Mar 1807New York, USA F297
7 Rayley / Chamberlain  1804New York, USA F2881

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