The Duttons of New England

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Cheshire, England


City : Latitude: 53.23263439999999, Longitude: -2.6103158

Latitude: 53.2326344, Longitude: -2.6103157


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  May 1605Cheshire, England P2777
2 DARLINGTON, Mary  1653Cheshire, England I8365
3 DE PULFORD, Tibota  1318Cheshire, England I833
4 DUTTON, Elizabeth  1438Cheshire, England I735
5 DUTTON, Ellen (Eleanor)  Abt 1394Cheshire, England I1797
6 DUTTON, Katherine  Abt 1259Cheshire, England I4057
7 DUTTON, Sir Ralph  1575Cheshire, England I377
8 DUTTON, Samuel  1627Cheshire, England I117
9 DUTTON, William  1456Cheshire, England I727
10 LE DESPENCER, Muriel  1181Cheshire, England I781
11 MADDOCK, Sarah  Abt 1652Cheshire, England P2902
12 MINSHULL, Henry  1314Cheshire, England I832
13 NEELD, Robert  1572Cheshire, England I116
14 NICHOLAS, Anne of Sir Ambrose  Abt 1537Cheshire, England I1505
15 PETRO, Joann De Sancto  1255Cheshire, England I1050
16 PICHARD, Nicholas  1066Cheshire, England I995
17 PICHARD, Nicholas  1066Cheshire, England I4064
18 PICHARD, Thomasine  1066Cheshire, England I996
19 RISLEY, Sir Hugh De  1228Cheshire, England I1049
20 SANCTO PETRO, Joann de  1255Cheshire, England I4077
21 TAYLOR, Mary  1507Cheshire, England I717


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 CONWAY, Agnes  1525Cheshire, England I5797
2 DUTTON, Agnes  1428Cheshire, England I754
3 DUTTON, Hugh  1185Cheshire, England I786
4 DUTTON Odard, Lord of  1096Cheshire, England I800
5 NICHOLAS, Anne of Sir Ambrose  Bef 1637Cheshire, England I1505
6 PICHARD, Nicholas  1160Cheshire, England I4064
7 PULESTON, Elinor  unknownCheshire, England I722
8 TAYLOR, Mary  Cheshire, England I717


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 / Sancto Petro  Aft 1284Cheshire, England F1382
2 Calkins /   Abt 1622Cheshire, England F5812
3 Dutton /   1271Cheshire, England F374
4 Dutton / Duncombe  1592Cheshire, England F270
5 Dutton / Fitzalured  1199Cheshire, England F1377
6 Dutton / Le Despencer  1211Cheshire, England F373
7 Dutton / Nicholas  1574Cheshire, England F272
8 Dutton / Pichard  Abt 1127Cheshire, England F1378
9 Dutton / Risley  1271Cheshire, England F371
10 Fitzodard / Pichard  1127Cheshire, England F378
11 Lightfoot / Maddock  1694Cheshire, England F5875

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