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Matches 1 to 36 of 36 for Tree equals Dutton Ancestry AND Branch equals Zella Snides side

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F2160
AIKEN, George BENJAMIN, Ida M   
2 F141
BALDWIN, Raymond SNIDE, Beulah Winifred Bef 1948  
3 F117
BARCOMB, Adolphise Berthiaume SNIDE, Cecilia Schynde  Mooers Forks, Clinton County, New York, USA  
4 F105
BARCOMB, Joseph SNIDE, Laura   
5 F122
BASSO, Gideon Jarius (Jerry) SNIDE, Nancy M 15 Jun 1879 Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont, USA  
6 F118
BISAILLON, Arthur E SNIDE, Agnes 25 Dec 1880 Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont, USA  
7 F142
CRUICKSHANK, Richard P SNIDE, Olive Christene   
8 F90
DUTTON, Cedric Leon SAVAGE, Mary 5 Jun 1954 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA  
9 F2609
DUTTON, Ernest Herbert SCHREIBER, Elfriede 1948 Germany  
10 F10
DUTTON, Ernest Perrin SNIDE, Zella Marie 6 Jun 1925 Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont, USA  
11 F30
DUTTON, Ernest Perrin JENKS, Flora Isabel 11 Aug 1940 Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont, USA  
12 F124
EGAN, John W EGAN, Carrie Augusta Davis Hurd 22 Aug 1912 Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA  
13 F132
EMERSON, Howard George SNIDE, Pearl Bernice 02 Aug 1932 Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont, USA  
14 F140
GOODRICH, Clifford Dallas SNIDE, Beulah Winifred 22 Feb 1949 Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont, USA  
15 F2504
HANNAFORD, Charles Frederick SNIDE, Zella Marie 15 Aug 1940 Walpole, Cheshire County, New Hampshire, USA  
16 F125
HURD, Charles Austin EGAN, Carrie Augusta Davis Hurd 8 Apr 1889 Manchester, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, USA  
17 F2159
MORIN, Paul Emile SNIDE, Priscilla Frances 22 Nov 1947 Claremont, Sullivan County, New Hampshire, USA  
18 F139
MUNSON, Richard Ellsworth SNIDE, Marion Sophia 08 Nov 1943 Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont, USA  
19 F131
NELSON, Elmer SNIDE, Pearl Bernice 16 Jan 1914 Hinesburg, Chittenden County, Vermont, USA  
20 F137
ROCK, Raymond John SNIDE, Claire (Clara) Evelyn 24 Feb 1942 Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont, USA  
21 F1913
SCHNEIDER (SNIDE), Jean-Baptiste RAYMOND, Esther Bertrand Toulouse 26 Oct 1847 Saint-Edouard-de-Napierville, Quebec, Canada  
22 F129
SNIDE, Earl Arthur SHIPPY, Pearl Eva 04 Mar 1933 Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont, USA  
23 F11
SNIDE, Eli Elias SNIDE, Matilda M Snide Abt 1879  
24 F123
SNIDE, Eli Elias EGAN, Carrie Augusta Davis Hurd 18 Apr 1929 Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont, USA  
25 F119
SNIDE, Fred LAWRENCE, Clara Sophroni 26 Jul 1862 Mooers Forks, Clinton County, New York, USA  
26 F127
SNIDE, George Wright MARTIN, Harriet Charlotte 9 Feb 1888 Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont, USA  
27 F133
SNIDE, Gordon Coe Sr ROCK, Dorothy Bertha 21 Oct 1941 Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont, USA  
28 F128
SNIDE, Herbert Walter RUUSUNEN, Aili 07 Jun 1937 Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont, USA  
29 F102
SNIDE, Joseph RAYMOND, Rosa Abt 1850 Mooers Forks, Clinton County, New York, USA  
30 F121
SNIDE, Joseph Arthur BERARD, Rose 2 Apr 1919 Saint. Anne's, Mooers Forks, Clinton County, NY  
31 F2158
SNIDE, Luther Warren AIKEN, Ethel Olivene 5 Sep 1924 Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont, USA  
32 F120
SNIDE, Noah QUINTAL, Hermeline 17 Feb 1890 Quebec, Canada  
33 F126
SNIDE, Oliver J WRIGHT, Matilda 28 May 1887 Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont, USA  
34 F2503
SNIDE, Peter William ABBOTT, (Lousianna) Lucina 29 Jun 1857 Hinesburg, Chittenden County, Vermont, USA  
35 F134
SNIDE, Ralza Donald BOUREY, Elfreda Ordway 25 Jan 1946 Proctorsville, Windsor County, Vermont, USA  
36 F138
WOODARD, Delmer Carl SNIDE, Claire (Clara) Evelyn 19 Jul 1952 North Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont, USA  

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