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Ernest P Dutton

Ernest, born in 1904, married Zella Marie Snide in 1925. They had 2 children, Ernest H born in 1927 and Cedric L in 1932. His parents were Herbert W Dutton and Lillie Mae Felch.

Zella M Snide

Zella was born in 1908 to Eli Elias Snide and Matilda M (Snide) Snide.

Lillie Mae Felch

Lillie Mae was born in 1881 to her parents Allen Downing Felch and Eliza Belle Gardner.

William H Dutton

William, born in 1881, married Lillie Mae Felch in 1902. He is the son of Perrin S Dutton and Sybil Dartt.

Welcome To The Duttons of New England Genealogy Website

The majority of Duttons who came to America from Europe, mainly England, arrived in the Northeast. Some made roots in and around where they landed in Pennsylvania or Massachusetts, while others moved on farther Northeast and to other destinations. The Duttons settled in their new homes and became farmers as that is what most were before immigrating here.

Vermont is where my father was born and raised, and also where I spent the majority of my childhood growing up until I was 12. I missed the slow paced life and going to visit relatives I had never seen before. Looking at them (probably more like staring) to see if they looked anything like me or my dad. I remember seeing my dads brother for the first time. I looked for the longest time but I didn't see "it." Where was the resemblance other than they were both short. I guess wondering who my family was and where they came from started at a fairly early age. I was the inquisitive kid always asking "why", always wanting to know more. It drove my mother crazy, but as an adult (especially one who is into genealogy) it has paid off!

There are many relatives scattered across New England and beyond, but it's always great discovering even more! My main goal with this website is to, of course, meet new relatives no matter how far down the line they may be, but to also share information, photos, documents, etc., so that everyone has the most accurate information possible. As with anyone into genealogy, this website is always a work in progress!

If you have any questions, please use the "Contact Me" link at the bottom of this page. I hope you find something of interest here or just something that might help you in your own research. Check back often as new information is always being added.

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John Howland

10th Great Grandfather

He came to America on the Mayflower in 1620.
He indentured himself to John Carver for passage on the Mayflower.
He married, John Carver's daughter, Elizabeth Tilley, in 1664. He was the 13th signer of the Mayflower Compact made at Cape Cod.

Descendancy From John Howland

Elizabeth Tilley

10th Great Grandmother

Elizabeth Tilley came to America in 1620 on the Mayflower with her father, John Carver.
Eventually marrying John Howland in 1664 and having 11 Children.



My Ancestors

Ira Barnes Dutton

Humanitarian. American Civil War soldier who after a failed marriage and a bout of alcoholism, went as a lay brother to help Father Damien at the Molokai leper colony in 1886. He served there for more than 40 years. When commenting on his life he said the graph of his life represented "45 years down and 45 years up."

Lt-Col Henry Dutton

Henry Forest Dutton, born in Vermont, enlisted in the Civil War and made Lieut-Colonel shortly before becoming severely wounded. He married in 1864, and had two children.

Sophia Dutton

Sophia was born in Vermont, the last of 10 children. She married Jacob DeGraw in 1833, and soon moved to Alden, NY. This is where they would meet Brigham Young. They would become friends and eventually followers after being baptized in 1840. They would eventually leave Alden, NY after following Brigham Young and settling in Lehi, Utah.

Everell Dutton

Everell, born in New Hampshire in 1838, married Rosina Paine 1864. Over the next 8 years they had 2 children. In 1861 in Illinois, Everell joined the Civil war and achieved the rank of Brigadier General. He was highly regarded in the military and his civilian life. After the war and before his death, he became a successful banker. He was a wealthy man who didn't spend his money foolishly, but always helped those in need and his town.

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